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Astrotek IEEE1394a (Firewire400) PCI Card, 3x External + 1x Int.



 strotek IEEE1394a (Firewire400) PCI Card, 3x External + 1x Internal ports, with standard-height and low-profile brackets

Astrotek IEEE1394a (Firewire400) PCI Card, Chipset : VT6306, 3 x 1394a External Port + 1 x Internal Port (Shared), PCI specification v2.2 compliant, Max. 400 Mb/s transfer rate per port, IEEE 1394a Open HCI specification v1.0 & v1.1 compliant, 32-bit CRC generator and checker for transmit & receive data, On-chip 2 K isochronous & 2 K asynchronous transmit & receive FIFO, 8 isochronous transmit / receive contexts, 3-deep physical post-write queue & 2-deep physical response queue, Dual buffer mode enhancements, Skip Processing enhancements, Block read request handling, Ack_tardy processing, High performance bus mastering support, Byte alignment to run in little-endian (x86/PCI) enivornment, ACPI & PCI Bus Power Management 1.1 compliant, Support power states D0, D1, D2, D3hot, & D3cold, No Drivers need for Windows 98SE or above, comes with standard-height and low-profile brackets

  • Model: AT-CPVT1394-4P
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  • Manufactured by: Astrotek